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hOw cAn i pErsonAlize mY fRiendSter pRofile?
uhm, i mEan , i wAnt to pErsonAlLy do it, bUt i nEed to knOw hoW fiRst,oF cOurse,ΓΌ

cAn anYone hElp me?

liKe, uHm, whAt aRe the cOdes tHat i shoUld enTer iN thE csS box?
i reAlly neEd heLp...

and liKe, hOw Can i Link mY proFile tO an HTML?...i mean, if thEy view tO vIew mY prof, and tHey cLick it, thEy wilL be lEd oR liNked immediAtely to tHis HTML thAt wiLl sErve aS my pRofile... uhm,aM i mAking mYself cLear? hehe i'm cOnfused myseLf,...bUt tHis is What i'm aiMing thOugh...

thAnks in aDvance... Smile

pLs do hElp me...hehe

/mod moved to appropriate forum ... Chris..S