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Hi guys,

I was checking out BrowserCam.com and it seems really great; it's perfect for someone like me who uses his home computer to program his own web sites and doesn't really have access to various OSs and browsers.

Well, that site costs $40 a month for unlimited usage. I have a *yearly* membership to gamespot-com and it only cost $30 (for the year), it has more than 100k screenshots, movies, interviews, game demo and patch downloads; certainly a hell of a lot more to offer than BrowserCam so I think their pricing is crazy.

Yeah, if you are a pro maybe it's worth it. So what is a guy like me to do ? Have you guys check my pages/layouts for me ? Any ideas ?


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BrowserCam.com cost too much $$$

Hi Satan,
Have you looked at http://www.danvine.com/icapture/ and
Together they don't have the range of browsers and choices that browsercam offer but they are free.

Then you can install many browsers yourself.
If you are on pc you can run multiple versions of IE http://www.insert-title.com/web_design/?page=articles/dev/multi_IE

Here's a historic list of browsers from evolt http://browsers.evolt.org/

Hope that helps

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BrowserCam.com cost too much $$$

the multiple ie's method mentioned above is ok but it does have its shortcomings for example they don't recognize the <-if ie-> comments that should be used to provide ie5 with refined stylesheet to get around its box model problems,

a better solution is to download microsoft virtual pc 2004 trial and set up a version of win98, then you have a proper version of ie5 and not a version which does not represent the real thing.
theres nothing worse than thinking your site works fine in IE5 and then finding out months after that it hasn't worked all along, grrr grrr grrr grumble grumble grumble (not that thats what happened to me or anything)

of course the trial only lasts for 40 days but hey that ain't to bad,

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