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I have been desiging websites for about 6ish years, I have used css for fonts for longer than I remember, however I have never done css layouts for a site.

I just had a job and it is for a pretty simple site, I thought it would be simple to start... boy was I wrong! I fired up Dreamweaver, and started from one of their blank sites, however I made some major changes.

It has taken me about a week to do what took me about 20 mins using tables.

Anyway, the site is at I had various problems but got around them apart from these 2,

1, The header - The font was working fine, however I needed to place a image next to it. After placing the image, the alignment just went wrong, I tried so many diffrent css tags, but after a few hours, I could not come up with a result - In the end I cheated Sad - I put a 2 cell table in and set both their alignment to verticle, it works fine as you can see, however, I would like this page to be 100% css if possible. Can anyone recommend anything?

2, Verticle alignment of the page. There should not be as much content as you can see now, there will be about 5 pages, each with about 2 paragraphs. I want the site to be as centered as possible. I just added a top margin in the body tag, it looks good on most monitors, but I would really like this to be a propor center alignment. Can anyone recommend anything? -

I have looked at quite a few examples, but I was unable to get them working. Even my old friend of putting a huge 100%h/100%w cell and setting middle/center did not work Sad

The last part - Div tags.

I hardly ever used dig tags in the past, what is the diffence between div id="blabla" and div class="blabla". This has been giving me headaches trying to understand it as it looks like I can set a value to both

Last thing - I promise (for now!), Are tables a bad thing? I have used them fine in the past and never had a problem with cross browser compatibility. I know people are moving away from them, but why? They work fine in most cases and I can not understand it. That being said, I do understand the importance of css, it is why I am trying to learn it, however I still like my old tables!