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I have 3 column lay out, how do 1st column is menu(color:blue), 2nd content*color:white), 3rd links(color:white).
How can i make menu column be 100% height so the blue bit would touch the bottom of the screen?


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IF the menu column is a

IF the menu column is a Fixed Width, you can use CSS Faux Columns with a background image (google).

If the menu's width changes on something like text-enlarge, then you'd want to make the box which is wrapping all three columns to have the background colour of the menu, the menu's width set in % or em or whatever flex-width you're using, and the other two columns then MUST have their white background colour set explicitly in the CSS. This is also a Faux column, though without images and you may possibly need a 100% height page if you need the menu to go all the way to a #footer who is always sitting at the bottom of the page (google or search "CSS 100% height model"). There is likely code for both of these on these forums as well.

Good luck.

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