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Hi everyone -

I'm pretty much a newb at this, but my company recently let some people go - including the web designer who was to have done this project my boss needs by July 2nd - and somehow because I used to do some HTML work for them and still code things, I've been asked to try and finish this. (At the expense of my real work! oof!)

I understand the idea of CSS and can oftentimes figure things out with google - but I wouldn't say I'm a guru and I don't really understand float vs positioning well enough to figure out what's wrong here (if that's the problem.)

I've inherited a reasonably close to ready(I think) basic 2-column design that I've gotten tweaked to my satisfaction in Firefox, but in IE for some reason the right side column's divs all end up down at the bottom of the page, below the bottom of my background image. I think it's okay at least to some degree, because it looks great in Firefox. However I've also noticed that the page doesn't line up correctly until the images load or if the images aren't present, so there's some sort of positioning error somewhere (And since my methods are pretty amateur, I'm not surprised.)

I spent all day today wracking my brain attempting to figure out if there's an IE quirk I'm missing (obviously) but because I'm pretty much a beginner at CSS I can't seem to figure out even what the problem I'm trying to fix is, so a solution has been hard to come by. I searched and read the FAQ here but didn't see anything that helped my newbness enough for me to say 'Aha!'.



So without further ado - screenshots:
Works and is laid out right in FF:

Hrm. Not so much in IE.

So any help would be greatly appreciated!

(and I wouldn't turn down any clarification on float vs positioning either, and which I should be using in the future!)