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Hi, im very new to this CSS stuff :0 so please excuse my lack of knowledge!
I am currently trying to create a webpage, with a map on it. Apon the map I have placed small icons which show where certain things are, by using CSS positioning. No probs here, all was perfect and it all looks good.

Now this was where my problem started... I have added an 'onmouseover' command which makes a pop up appear when the CSS placed icons are passed over by the mouse. This also works perfectly apart from the fact that when the pop up appears, the icon positioned by CSS, sits on top of the pop up, basically obscuring the information in the pop up.

My page so far can be viewed here: http://www.buckscaching.co.uk/bucksmap/maptest2.html

please excuse loading time of around a minute for my connection which is very slow, perhaps your will be far better!

To see exactly what I mean scroll down to the bottom and hover your mouse over the yellow star on the map.

Any help much apreciated! Thanks, Dan.

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Help with CSS & Java Layering.

1. Can't Confirm
2. What browser are you using?

The only browser I saw any "pop ups" is IE.
Nothing happened in Firefox and I could not even see the entire map in Opera. I had some stupid scrollbars all over the place but nothing to see or hover.
Even in IE when at the bottom of the page and hover the star the box appears below the pointer of my mouse. Well... You can imagine where that is when I am at the bottom of my screen...

You also have neither DOCTYPE nor CHARSET specified...
No offense but you should actually consider making your app cross browsable and/or at least valid html.

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