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anyone know why the following produces blue text in every browser except IE6?

<title>IE 6 anomaly?</title>
<style type="text/css"> {color: red;}
#test.cold {color: blue;}

<div id="test" class="cold">


from my understanding of selectors, the #test.cold {color:blue;} should be applied, but when you combine a class selector with an id selector within the same style block, anything after the first style declaration for that id combined with a class (doesn't matter what it's called, hot, cold, whatever..) gets ignored!

If you place in different style blocks or in separate css files it works. Seems really weird to me. I have to get round it by doing something like:

<div id="test">
<div class="cold">

rather than the simpler and more intuitive..

<div id="test" class="cold">