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I've tried to implement this in CSS as much as possible. The amount of CSS coding needed for the forms was just too much. So I am afraid the form has been implemented using nested tables.

Let me know what you think. I've tried to keep it clean and simple.






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You have some errors in your

You have some errors in your markup. Besides that it appears to be well in markup.

This is a site that focuses on a younger target group. Learning to swim has to be fun, the site is not in term s of looking at it. I would vary the font sizes and formats, chill it a bit. Eliminate the 2 ugly greyish bars, and bring in colors all over the page, ordered sections, rounded corners.

On all pages your menu links to the home only, you cannot directly go from one to another section.

If you don't have testimonials, keep the section out. An empty page looks like your business is not recommendable.

The shopping cart is too obvious. The people enter your site and get a shopping cart smashed right into their face. Believe me, if they want to order, they will find a way to do so. Also, a nice textual invitation appears more personal than always having this shopping cart popping up, whatever page I enter. Besides that a shopping cart does not really relate to a pool, a colorful bag does.

I would also add an extra value for the visitors, like information that relates to kids or swimming, not limited to swimming kids.

Still a lot to go, but at least your structure is done, and you have content. Now make it attractive.

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here CSS

http://www.bigjamesbiz.co.uk/CssFiles/reset.css i found some errors , you must corect them..

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