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im kinda new to CSS, but think its a great way to design. I thougt I had made a realy nice site, and its was working nice, but now I realise that its not working properly( the pics are coming down outside the margins) in diffrent browsers, do you guys have any ideĆ”? the site http://www.kajsaskeramik.nu/
Best from Magnus :rolleyes:

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Be flexible

Looks nice, I like the color combination. I made the same mistake in the beginning. You are defining your elements too strict.

The best example is the overflow of the image on the start page. The image has a height of 503px, the div #content has a height of only 410px.

I am sure overflow: hidden is not an option for you. Wink So don't give the div #content a height value. It automatically stretches with the contents inside. By adding values for padding you can save yourself from the hassle of using p and br, and easily create the exact space between image and the div's top and bottom.

On the page where you show several images, create a class for the images and define margins for the vertical and horizontal distance between the images.