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I'm asking this question for some time now, mostly to myself.

i've tried to place two <div>'s one next to the other on the same row, perhaps push it with margin, but the div's no matter what i tried, always starts under the first div, and never next to it.

maybe there's some simple method to do this that i don't know about, since the CSS is a tool for arranging the layout of your site i belive it's possible.

anyway, i couldn't do it. if you can explain me here or link me to a tutorial, that would be great.

Thanks, Milke.

edit: Umm, i feel a little embaressed..., a little table solved the problem, appreciate if this thread could be deleted :oops: thanks again.

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Last seen: 18 years 3 weeks ago
Groningen/Assen - The Netherlands
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2 div's, same row?

divs are block elements so they force elements places behind it to go to the next line. To solve this you can float the divs left... now they will show inline and not on two different lines.

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