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Haha I was getting ready to

Haha I was getting ready to post about this. The guy has a Wordpress site with all of his videos on it here: http://theseorapper.wordpress.com/

Need a Wordpress site? I'm your guy.

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I thought it was enjoyable.

I thought it was enjoyable. I can imagine the stress when he did the first presentation so differently than most I've seen in school.

I don't want to throw eggs at 'em, but he stressed validation, having an about & contact page, but didn't have them on his site. arggghh!!! I don't know about contact pages for most people, but I rarely visit them. However, about pages are typically the second thing I visit after reading a site's initial post or article.

I predicted (to myself) while watching one of his vids, he'll probably start making text posts. If it happens, I'll certainly give him an often read.