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Hey, Guys!

I'm an intermediate css coder and work mainly on a macbox. I've got my test site ready for release and it displays properly on safari, ff (all mac), ff3, ie7/ie8, opera, but it won't display properly on ff2 (win) and ie6. For ie 6, the navbar is located too far down the page. I tried using the clearfix code, but it didn't fix it.

As for ff2, I don't know what's going on. There are many display problems. I use browsershots to get the renderings on windows boxes, so I can't really test it, but ff2 works fine on the mac. I don't know what could be going wrong with it on windows.

If someone can take a look at the test page and give me any ideas on how to fix these two problems, I would greatly appreciate it.

The test site is at