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Hi, I am making this blog on tumblr, and have a very limited knowledge of CSS. I tried to research about how to ensure your code is standard for all browsers, but it's a little bit over my head, especially because I am borrowing from a template. First, when I tried to validate it I received a lot of error messages in regards to my use of BR in my posts, which I'm not really sure how to fix. But most importantly, I'm not really sure if my page displays right in IE 7, it def does not fare well in IE6. The header doesn't show and the sidebar I added isn't positioned right. Although the author labeled it a header, it is moreso treated as a sidebar, for which I'm not really sure what the hang up is, and what I can maybe do instead that's better compliant but produces the same results (at least those that I see in Safari). If anyone has any tips, they would be much appreciated.