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Hi All,
Can someone offer me some insight and solution to this problem I have?
My code for xhtml and CSS passes w3c tests. Yet in NN7 the backgroun to page and background in table shows white. In NN4.6 the page displays OK.
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NN4.6 and NN7

Hello kaostream,

I just had a look at your page. I viewed it in IE 6.0 and in Firefox 0.9 and had the effect that you described. In Firefox the background-images and background-color were not displayed (just white), while in IE it looked o.k.

I didn't find a solution to this problem but maybe a hint:

When I added the name of your css file to the address you provided to view it in Firefox, it didn't show the css file in the browser (what it usually does with css files) but aksed me what application to use to open it.
Then I've got the WebDeveloper extension for Firefox, which allows you to edit the css of any webpage and see the effects take place right away. For editing, the css is shown in a sidebar left of the main view. As soon as I opened this sidebar to try some changes in the css, the page was displayed correctly including background images.
When I did a reload, it failed again. (But the open-the-css-editing-sidebar-effect is reproducible.)

So I have the impression the display problem is somehow connected to your css file. I can't find an error in your <link> tag. Maybe it is the encoding of the file or the way the server serves it... :?:

Hope this helps.