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Hello there.

I have a div which I want to have background images changing.

I came across this:

Which works fine but I would like to add a fade or a Slide transition and I'm not sure where to start on that.

Instead, I implemented this: http://www.malsup.com/jquery/cycle/int2.html (under 'callbacks')

Which looks good but the problem is that the images have to be on the page rather than background images. So there is a loading issue and also if I disable the style sheet, it shows all 3 images and I'd like to avoid that.

I can't show a URL at this time as I'm in development.

Thoughts? :rolleyes:

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Hi, That link is to my


That link is to my website, I have just changed blogs so you can find that background image changer here now


Unfortunately due to workload I still haven't sat down and looked at the fading problem, although the problem is that the images are not actually in the page... I still haven't figured a way round this yet - To be honest I started to mess around with it after I had done that script with my office chairs and car leasing websites, as I thought I could use it to great effect! Unfortunately I just gave up in the end.

One of these days I'll get on top of my web design work and I'll try to sort the background fading request