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First off I'll give you the scenario. I have a horizontal navigation menu that is in flash format. This menu has some rollover drop down buttons on it. (Button #3 triggers the drop down menu on rollover)

The website I am working on is not a complete flash website - it is html/css with flash objects here and there.

I have managed to get the menu to work on the site, however when I have another flash object directly below my menu, that other flash object's buttons aren't working - they are being covered by my menu's hidden area.

Here is a link to my page and what I am doing:


Please note - in Firefox & Safari the buttons under the menu DO NOT work. In Internet Explorer the buttons below the menu DO work.

Any ideas on how I can get both to work like this - while keeping them as 2 separate flash objects on my page?

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RE: Similar issue...

... fell like i am missing something... Did you ever find the answer?

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Does wmode have any effect?

Does changing wmode to opaque have any effect?

Not a CSS question.

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Sort of is a CSS Question

I happened upon this thread a week ago when I encountering an almost identical problem. After lots of trouble-shooting and research I found a solution. And it does involve CSS actually.

The trick is roughly to:

  1. Have the Flash menu wrapped in a div that is no taller than the menu when its drop downs are not expanded.
  2. Get the Flash piece to call a javascript function on roll over. Preferably passing a variable which will be the CSS height of the expanded menu.
  3. The Javascript then changes the CSS of the containing div to expand its height.
  4. When the Flash piece is rolled out it calls another JS function to reset the the div's CSS back to its original height.