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I have a div that contains multiple images with a certain absolute value assigned to each and every one of them. (The purpose of the web page is to be a board where you put your images whereever you like on the page, with a certain x and y coordinate)...

What I want is a semi-transparent background/foreground-image to cover this (the difference between background and foreground is of course a mere z-index property. Anyhow, i've been looking for a good way to do this with either css or javascript. And I was wondering whether or not there is a way for the div-container to acknowledge the images and stretch the background all of them!

And btw, using a seperate div with 100% width and 100% height won't do, because sometimes the images have an absolute value which is higher than the window size which makes the page scroll.

I hope this is understandable without the code.. But to be honest, the css and html is mixed in various php and js-documents. Sorry Tongue