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I'm working on a site that contains a tricky box or two as seen here: (the 'in print' box on the left side)

This div looks and works fine in mozilla/safari on mac, but doesn't work at all right on mac IE (and I'd imagine doesn't work in PC IE either) The Div that is inside the div is set up to have the box appear like an iframe where it scrolls horizontally and is populated with dynamic content.

This is the relavent html:

<div id="Press-InPrintImage">
<img src="Images-GUI/Press/press_in_print_side.jpg" id="image-left" />

<div id="rightwrapper">

<div id="Press-PrintContainer">
<div id="Press-PrintContainer-2">
he Bush administration, which cut off its

Tried to post the style sheet stuff to the board but it didn't come up - so it can be found here, around line 270:

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Div In a Div that scrolls problem... (IE related, of course)

Hi TheJoe,
Works fine on PC IE6.
Sorry I don't have a mac to look any closer.