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Hi there,

I am currently working on a photography site that has a mootools hidden layer vertical slide triggered by #info. When the link is clicked #info reveals hidden content. Now the problem is that in IE7 the page has a heck of a lot of space just under the footer, it looks like the page is displaying a fully extended page even though content is hidden.Now is Firefox all performs well and there is no whitespace, why is there some in IE?

This is the style in question:

#info {
background-color: #e3e7e2;
text-align: left;
position: relative;
border-top: 15px solid #fff;
z-index: auto;

At first I thought is was a hasLayout issue and used:

#info {
height: 1px; /* hasLayout */

This did infact correct the whitespace issue but because I was
specifying a 1px height the slide could not slide more than 1px.

Here is a screen grab of my page:

Does anyone have any suggestions as I have drawn a big fat zero.

Many thanks



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