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Hello all.. I'm sort of new to CSS and I'm looking to hone my web design skills in general.
That said, I am doing a personal site for someone and I am trying to implement an idea.

My thought is that I have a graphic i have put in as a background centered, and this will be my opening page.

Subsequent pages would be a modification of this image with any content in a container which would scroll within the confines of the graphics borders, menu items to be placed in a separate container and placed relative to the content.

The problems that I'm seeing so far...
The image looks fine on a smaller monitor, but the larger monitors make it look "lost" - how to fix that?

The content- will not be too much, but once I get the general idea as to how to do this with CSS, I can find my way from there, hopefully!

Thanks for any advice you can offer..

The page is here: