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I'm convinced I am just looking for the answer the wrong way, but at the risk of getting ridculed I will procede anyways.
I'm trying to do something really simple, align text in a div to the bottom, but all attemps have failed. The table code would be (valign="bottom"), but I've tried a lot of different things with no luck, and I'm sure it has to be easier than what I'm making it out to be.
|                                |
|                                |
|                                |
|                                |
|text here                    |
End result. Please help me.

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Without knowing what element

Without knowing what element you want to apply it to, or how your HTML is constructed, we have to guess.

You'd either set the text with absolute positioning and set bottom to 0, or set the height and line height to the same value and use vertical-aling: bottom;

but please show us the code you're working with Wink

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