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I have a problem with a background image on my site in ie7 (firefox is OK).

Here is the link to view a simplified version of the page:


There is an animated gif along the top of the page, with a semi transparent div above it on the right (div id="transparent_right_column"). This div has a border along the left edge which is supposed to line up with a background tiled image - when i change the size of the browser, occasionally the lines do not meet - I have looked everywhere for a solution but cannot seem to find the answer.

Here is a link to a screengrab of the problem:


Here is the code:

problem site

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I really can't make sense of

I really can't make sense of your site but I've found that background shifts of 1px are usually caused by widths defined as an odd number of pixels and then centered which causes a rounding error in some cases.

I've personally adopted the policy of making all widths an even number even if this isn't an issue that way it never is an issue. Wink

I don't know if that helps in your case but I hope it does.