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Hi all, I am looking for feedback and answers on this update to a site that I am creating in pure CSS. I am starting simple and the design goal is to be fast, simple, and to raise money for this group. Here is what I have so far:

I am using Dreamweaver Cs3 on a mac with BBedit when needed. I have tested the design with Firefox, Opera, Safari, and IE6. Here are my questions:
1) The rollovers work in all browsers but IE6. Can someone check in IE7?
2) There is a one pixel border around the page contents in all browsers but IE6, where there a 2 pixel border appears on the right. Huh?
3) Before I lock this into a DW template and start cranking out the pages, I need to know if it's possible to create a rotating slide show from the pics in the right-hand column. The editable regions will be the left column only. I don't want to use flash, unless it's a very fast applet, as the readers of this site are mostly going to be sitting in a cybershop on dialup. Okay, maybe it's not that bad, but broadband here in Nepal is 64k max. Anyway, I am looking for a script that will go to a directory and just randomly put pictures in that area on the right.
4) Anyone know off the top of their head how to make the right column float so that it stays in front of the viewer as they scroll down (and down, and down). I've seen it done on other sites, but no idea on how to it. These pages will tend to get pretty long and it would nice to keep the navigation in view...
5) which leads to this question: i was thinking of just having the right column be the navbar, and not clutter up the page with any other navigation (exception being the footer). Is that a good idea or not?

Well, thanks!!!