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I'm relatively new to web design and all the disciplines required so I need some general information please from the "Oh Great Knowledgeable Ones'".

I intend to eventually build dynamic websites that are database driven and I am going through the process of learning XHTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP then MySQL pretty much in that order. Obviously you never stop learning in this game but I figure from advice elsewhere that this would be a good way to go.

I have been looking for information around how dynamic websites are generally built. I would expect that I would build the site in the normal way, using XHTML/CSS, and whenever information needs to be written/updated to the site I would use PHP/MySQL functionality to one degree or another.

My main question is this.

If I am designing a site for a resteraunt, for example, that will have - for instance - menu pages that need to be updated regularly, how do I enable the client to do this for him/herself? Do I build an 'Administrator' page/s, password protected and based on form elements? What methods do others use? Are there any useful articles/books on the general strategies employed in web design such as this? All the articles I've found so far seem to concern themselves with the detail of specific technologies and do not necessarily the provide the overview I'm after.

I have no previous experience in webdesign or related technologies but am working hard to learn it which is not that easy at 42, but I am making good progress with the help of books, articles and your good selves!!

Many thanks

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I often build custom content

I often build custom content management systems for clients. I give them a password protected control panel that allows them to set up the sites configuration (company name, email address that receives from the contact form, copyright information, etc), add, delete or edit pages and users.

I'm surprised that some actually take is seriously and try to keep the markup valid but some don't care and they dump a copy and paste from a word document into the textarea. If you haven't run into curly quote problems yet, you will with this. Tongue

Of course the biggest plus side to this is when they don't want to use the page updater themselves, it makes it VERY easy and quick for you to do the work and charge them. Smile

I've been looking into using this or something similar to help the end user make better code.