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Hello! I am Steve and new here. Im in a webdesign class at my highschool right now and I wanted to display some of my work to you for your opinion. I like webdesign and I just wanted to know how I could do better and things of that sort anyway to the point.

I made the site for my Teacher to display our classes work because she asked me to please tell me how it looks in display and coding.

Here is another project I had to do in the class for a business, I chose a local Mexican Restaurant.

Thank you very much for your input!! I want to do better in this. Smile

Ed Seedhouse
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Not bad, for 1992! For

Not bad, for 1992! For today however ... well "if you can't say something nice..."

If your class taught you to use tables for layout like that then I guess we can't blame you, but perhaps you should send the teacher around for a spanking. You've been lead badly astray and if you want to do successful designs you're going to have to start pretty well over from scratch.

But all is not lost! Hang around here and read the forums for awhile and you'll begin to understand the right way to do things.

Ed Seedhouse

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The high school site is

The high school site is great. I like that you took the time to horizontally center it and added subtle drop shadows for page definition.

The mexican restaurant need some padding so that the text is not right up against the border (white space is important). Speaking of borders, it need some borders or possible drop shadow to define the boundary of the page more. I like the gradient on the body.

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Nice site, and as Ed says

Nice site, and as Ed says that, you just hang around here mate and u'll lose the tables soon.

Anyways, the sites are nice, just a simple addition to your high school template. The black font really looks out of place. Black seldomly looks good, so you try a bit subtle color like the dark grey(#333).

And i love the version idea you have done...

mihir. Smile

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