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I am writing a new page from scratch and today i found some troubles using the z-index attribute. The problem, is that i have two layers One containing a bg image, which i'll use for image mapping purposes and one with a table, containing the content of the web page. The first layer needs to be OVER the contents layer, because i have a transparent image that will load partially over the content. the contents layer needs to be a few pixels under the top layer, 'cus there's some stuff that needs to appear under the transparency. I've tried using z-index on the first layer, but it is not working - whatever value i put on the z-index property, the top layer still appears under the contents layer. You can access the site with the code <a href="http//www.stigmaonline.net/lojab.php"> HERE </a>. If you want to check the style file I am using for part of the page, you can get it a href="http//www.stigmaonline.net/example.css"> HERE </a>

Btw, the layout is not ready, so you may expect some rough spots..ignore them D


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I just had a look at the code of the page (http://www.stigmaonline.net/lojab.php). I think you should first get rid of all the errors that are in there - see:http://validator.w3.org/check?verbose=1&uri=http%3A//www.stigmaonline.net/lojab.php

As for the z-index, try to put your background-image in a box that doesn't contain the content-box, but is on the same level and position both on top of each other.

<div id="container">
 <div id="background"></div>
 <div id="content">content</div>