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This is the first time I have tried to make a page Bobby Compliant. I don't really understand what it is asking me to do!....

my page is at http://www.premier-resin-systems.co.uk/test/

Below are some of the comments from Bobby

If you use color to convey information, make sure the information is also represented another way.

I am not using colour to convey info.

If an image conveys important information beyond what is in its alternative text, provide an extended description.

My images don't need to be explained anymore I have used alt tages :roll: !

Would you mind taking a look at my page, and offer me some suggestions please!

Your help would be much appreciated

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Bobby Approval

Hi there, I tend to find the bobby report a little vague, it's a sort of self assessment in effect it's asking you to pay attention to certain aspects of accessibility and verify for your self that your in complience.
Personally I prefer the Cynthia validation service, which incidentilly says that your page passes the automated 508 standard verification
In the Bobby report things like "if an image conveys important information beyond what is in the alt text" tend to be asking that you use the 'title' tag to convey a fuller text description for text only browsers; I tend to always use the title tag as a matter of course now.

Cynthia's report......

On a side note what is the deal with these names? it sounds slightly daft saying ones page has passed Cynthia's test!! and who on earth is Bobby when he's at home?.


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Bobby Approval

The Alt and Title tags, I think, should be used like this:

<a href="home.html"><img src="image.gif" alt="image (blah kb)" title="Click me to go home" /></a>

The alt text is displayed in text-browsers, browsers with images turned off, or if the image is a broken link. The title tells you what will happen.

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