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Hey guys... A family friend has asked me to setup a pseudo-official site for a moonlighting pilot's union. They primarily need a forum and standard data pages, but they want 90% of the site behind a secure login so they can keep their management out of the site (since they're moonlighting).

My first thought was to use PhpBB as the forum and Ascad's Adpass for security, but I'm not so sure I want to go to the trouble of trying to force Adpass and PhpBB to use the same user info. So now I'm thinking of using a CMS (PHPnuke, for example) because it will let me combine secure login and message board data seamlessly. Am I headed in the right direction? I'm also leaning toward a CMS because the user(Drunk would like to be able to edit the data pages later without having to go through me, and they're pretty far from tech-savvy.

If I am headed in the right direction (for once Laughing out loud ), which CMS do you guys recommend? I've only worked with PHPnuke, but I've always had a hard time installing it and it seems to be very server-intensive, especially when the MySQL server is shared. Here are the criteria I'm working with:

* Hostway's GoldPlus Plan
* must utilize a single login for access to data pages and popular open-source message board (pref. phpBB or YaBB)
* must be able to handle 250 total users, 100 simultaneously
* must allow site admins to edit data pages in a GUI/WYSIWYG fashion (for n00bs)
* has to work well on a shared MySQL server

I greatly appreciate any input! I googled a bunch of CMS reviews but I'm also interested in first-hand opinions. Thanks...

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Best CMS?

We were using 'nuke as a cms on our site enzyme.org.nz we found we were getting hacked almost daily, so we've recently changed to drupal which seems to have far less security issues than nuke

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Yes Please Go with Drupal

Drupal is the best CMS in the world, Those sites which are in drupal CMS has better security and can be build with good quality

So my suggestion is that 'Drupal' fulfills all your needs

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