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I need help with positioning my content box (such as chatterbox, blog etc..) each being put into iframe to specified area on my background.

The blog, chatterbox section and etc..were made using php and mysql. So, I think it's easier for me to 'call' these websites (blog.php and chatterbox.php and etc..) and put them into different iframes. Are there other methods to do this instead of iframes?

Then, I used CSS (position: absolute/relative) to position my iframes and both these methods did not work with different screen resolutions. Then, I followed a suggestion by constructing table with 100% width and put my iframes in there.

These 2 methods did not work as the position of my content were slightly off. By slightly off, I'm trying to say that these content are not being positioned into the area I specified in my background image. I have a rectangle grey area for my menu and a square for all those contents.

Any ideas on how to 'stick' the iframes to the background? Any ideas on different method to do this besides iframe?