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Not sure if anyone has seen this flaoting around before, but I just happened across it.

If you hate users with IE6 and you want to stop them from coming to your site, simply install this small piece of code on your site
The code is rendered correctly in Firefox, Safari and Opera (didn’t get a chance to try any other browsers, but presumably they work too). But in IE 6 it raises a fatal error in mshtml.dll.

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Oooh, nasty... will keep that in mind! Can't think where I might use it...

I suppose if you were in a forum arguing about why you hate IE6 and your opponent is a user and fan who swears by it, you could say something like, "Well... I did find this one link saying it crashes less then any other browser", then link to your own basic page with that code included.


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bit curious as to what the

bit curious as to what the code itself trips that makes ie crash. Looking at the code, it makes all elements position relative, and then has a input inside a table. Neat!

and happy pirate day