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I read over this thread and thought perhaps this was my long awaited solution. Chris..S appears to be needing something similar to what I am looking for. I have included a shot of the menu I am trying to accomplish. It was created in Photoshop by the designer who is not so concerned with what it takes to make it work.


It seems so simple, but once I started hacking it out in css I realized IE7 doesnt play fair. I was trying to use heading tags to control the two font sizes but it appears each subsequent heading tag wants to indent. I have looked high and low for a basic solution, but what I find is soo complex I dont dare start copying in all the code as I really dont understand it well enough to take a chance with it in the design.

Can anyone direct me to a possible, simple solution that doesnt involve lots of tables and cells?

Doug 8^)

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Its better to start your own

Its better to start your own topic and if necessary reference back to another post, in this case here.

Does your menu need the solutions described in the above thread. Each menu item in your menu is the same height, just use padding-top and padding-bottom to make them looked vertically centered.