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I'm having people tell me that they can't view my css menus. I'm sure it is because I use li:hover. How do I get around this? Isn't there a generic javascript file that I can attach that will take care of this problem for me? I thought I read something about i.

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I believe Suckerfish can help..

My understanding is that IE6 only supports the :hover psuedoclass on anchor (link) elements. That would explain the issue your visitors see.

See if the sfHover function from the Suckerfish Menus (http://www.htmldog.com/articles/suckerfish/dropdowns/) will help you.

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jeff when you say a

Jeff when you say a 'generic' file it makes me think that you are probably thinking of the csshover file
however I'm surprised a little searching of past forum posts didn't throw up answers as we've mentioned the file in reference to drop down menu quite a few times before.

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