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What is a 'line-box'? I've been reading some articles at www.cssvault.com and alot of the articles on floats refer to 'line-boxes'. So...

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Real simple one!

A line box is the space created around an inline element when the browser has worked out the space required to display the inline elements across the screen.
Elements are basically devided into two types a block level element which allowed takes up the full width of the screen and occupies it's own line, that's to say a block level element following after must start on the next available line bellow they won't sit side by side; inline elements on the other hand are elements like text span em img that follow after each other horizontally until the edge of the screen then wrap to the next line .
Have a read of this page as it's the best I've come across for a clear explanation of box model flow and positioning,



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