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Flushed from the help I've recived to my last post Smile , I have another thorny question:

Is it possible to change the color of a span of text upon mouseover using just CSS, if the span of text in question is not a hyperlink??

e.g.: Say for example I was using the HTML <def> (definition) tag and wanted the text spanned by the <def> to change when the user moused-over it (in addition to its normal behaviour of popping up a definition).

Is this possible to do without resorting to JavaScript or can one only do it if a 'dummy' <a> tag (i.e. ' href="#" ') is used?


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Changing a non-link text color on rollover (using just CSS i

It is in in Mozi/FF as hover will work on selectors other than <a> IE is the problem as it will only accept hover on an anchor, possible solution is to use the csshover.htc file ( although this is Jscript!)
Here is a link to the csshover file



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