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I tested in Firefox and IE 5-6, with no problems. Then I found browsercam.com, chose all browsers and was almost satisfied except for a small gap under either the left or right floated divs in the header.

But Netscape explodes on the screen with color and chaos. What's the method on corecting this. Is it even worth it?

The site is:

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Netscape 4.78-8.0 abstract art

Netscape 4.xx has terrible support for CSS layouting.

Generally it's not worth it. However to provide users of NN4.xx with something you can use a trick that totaly hides the CSS from it so that it just displays the raw HTML.

Due to the lack of suport for the import function, NN will not see the CSS file when you link to it using

<style type="text/css" media="screen">@import "css.css";</style>

and as a result will just render the HTML as normal.

If you want to style it a little you can combine the two and have text formatting in a css file and link to it in the way you are now but also import another file that deals with all the things that Netscape can't deal with.