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Hi all..
After tallying the critiques from my last request
and implementing the good and bad aspects of everyones comments this is what I have come up with.

Please take a look at http://www.tcsnd.org/fred/index.html
and let me know how it stands up.

Again... be as critical as is necessary

Should I change my link colors to something other than the standard blue?
If so, what color would you suggest?


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Design in progress... could this be it?

Looks much better with the pic top right and the right column moved in. My minor problems would still be with feeling that the header is slightly cramped and could do with just a few more pixels to allow it to carry the page (increasing #header to 80px is better and the dark green blends into the right hand area, but this is just personal taste!)
the drop caps are a little too spaced they look a little detached from the rest of the letters, can you reduce the kerning slightly or increase the letter weight?

You could try #8a0045 or #c700c7 to replace the blue link colors.

Regardless of above, nice work as it stands.


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Design in progress... could this be it?

IEmac 5.2 doesn't display the background image for the header. I am pretty sure it is because it doesn't support url with single quotes (').

#header {background-image:url('header.jpg');