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hello all

so just as i feel i am slowly turning into an avid CSS user in which i
can get more then the basics CSS throws me a curve and buckles my knees

heres the issue...

im using the 2 column layout from glish

the trouble is A) how do i get the two columns to line up at the bottom? they dont make a nice line at the bottom
and if i cheat and use <br>'s they still dont?

the height 100% is what i want on both (so they both meet up with my footer perfectly, but how do i do that?

B) both columns are 2 shades of green and my body background is
gray no matter what i do i get a 2 or 3 pixel space between the two columns that shows the gray background. im using ie 6 for this and
recall reading about a bug with ie 6 but another 2 column layout i did there was no line, margins are set to zero and the left column is the float one.

if you could throw me a bone here i would appreciate it.

i can post my css if desired

thank you

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2 column layout struggles

I tend to use the ALA faux columns method for this. Although you can do it with pure CSS, as I'm sure another member will show you, it all seems far too muh hassle for my liking Laughing out loud


As for the second problem, you'd be best to post a link to your site, or the CSS/HTML if you can't get it uploaded.

css layout tutorials - in depth layout tutorials for all you newbies D maybe even some stuff for you not-so-new-bies out there P