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i'm a newbie with CSS and I discovered that website about multiple
CSS file applied to 1 html page: http://www.csszengarden.com

My Question: is it possible to have one HTML file and make this 2 CSS file:

1- 3 columns layout template
2- 2 columns layout template

So basicly, is it possible to hide 1 column with all his content within the CSS file.

Is there another method?

Any good tutorial on the subject?

Thanks in advance,

Roseline Paquin
Montréal, Canada

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Multiple CSS / 1 html / Hide column

Not so much a good tutorial, but I wrote up a little on how I implemented this on my site:


You will need to have a basic grasp of PHP to understand it, but it's all there. Also uses a cookie to retain state multiple pages. There are other ways to impliment such a system, but server-side is the only reliable way to go.

css layout tutorials - in depth layout tutorials for all you newbies D maybe even some stuff for you not-so-new-bies out there P