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would someone please take a look at and check the site's layout with IE5.x Mac/Safari and IE 5/5.5 Win?

as far as i could check myself, it looks as i intend to in Firefox, Netscape 7.1, Opera 7.51 and IE 6 (minor font-size changes needed still) with Firefox being the reference.

i'm having some problems with IE 5/5.5 though: the MS AlphaImageLoader which displays my logo .png file fine in IE 6 does not seem to work in IE 5/5.5 in that it seems that the transparent .png is rendered over the usual non-working .png display. i can't get rid of the .png with the grey background that is not referenced anywhere anymore..

another thing with IE5/5.5 is that the content box cannot be resized here.. i can enter whatever height i want, nothing changes. also, IE 5 displays no images at all (except for background-images).

help? Shock