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Greetings everyone!

I have a bit of a problem here. I've made a dropdown menu, but somehow IE6 and 7 (earlyer browsers are not supported) don't render the dropdown right.

This is the website:

You can find the dropdown menu while hovering above the "A" button.

Here you can find the css file:

Here you can find the HTML file for that part of the page:

The additional javascript is for IE.

I have tried a few tings, but it doesn't work.
Please help me! Wink

Many thanks!


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woww that's cool project!

:thumbsup: woww that's cool project! can u share your project idea with me? Smile
umm i try to answering your question, i tried to open your web in IE6, yeahh i know what's the problem. you can using css Hack. there is many type of Css hack u can search in google about that. But,,CSS hack is veyr big problem in IE7.

let's try the following code, i try to show u what type of css hack that i used.

#nav li:hover ul ul, #nav li.sfhover ul ul {
margin-top:-18px !important;
left: -999em;
margin-top/**/:/**/-23px; /* IE/WIN HACK menyamakan margin top di IE/win*/

u know? the margin-top:-18px !important; is detected and well rendered in FireFox, Opera 8.x, except IE.
and the code margin-top/**/:/**/-23px; is rendered and detected well in IE. so.., if you are in IE, the browser is using the css hack statement ( with -23px value ) and if the browser other than IE, using the general property declaration (using -18px !important )

i think your problem is when reset the box position ( for showing the menu item) u can matching your box menu position in IE and other than IE. using that css hack.

Umm.., for IE7, i can't help u.., and i ever heard about Microsoft proprietary css property called HasLayout. but i'am not too understand about that. note this, css hack not works in IE7 Smile

Hey friends! my name is -oka prinarjaya- Smile

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I don't know what was going

I don't know what was going on with those backround images but closed IE when I saw that it still had 369 gifs to download :? so have not seen the problem in IE which as you have not described in detail I can only guess at.

Your positioning the dropdown using auto value IE will not probably like these and there also appears to be no positiong context on any immediate parent.

Try positiong top, left using px and set position relative on either the ul or the li childs.

While it may look pretty, it may be an idea to disable the graphics or replace with something simpler for the forum.


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@Hugo: 369 gifs? Yeah, I


369 gifs? Yeah, I know. I have a slow connection.
But there only are about 10 different gifs to load. The rest of them are just repeated.