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Hi, I'm a veritable n00b around here so apologies if I do this wrongly.

Please check for consistency and decency(!!) of design.

This is a very nearly finished site - sorry. The content and CSS are near complete (for launch) but some of the images may be touched up a little.

I started out (see alt style) with a PIE 3 column equal height layout and struggled to get the equal height working, in the end I removed the equal height hacks (which were causing huge pages in IE7 and Op) and used the background of a container to style the left column to ensure it was full height and to pass a bg colour to the right column - I thought that was quite clever (!).

But the design changed (for the better) and the tricks are no longer needed.

I've tested this on Linux with FF2, Konq3.5, Op9 and using IEs4Linux for IE6 and IE7. I've also tested some betas on WinXP (FF2, IE7, IE6) and using the free trial on browsercam for Safari, Camino and IEs on win 2000.

Points to note - menu on left should have yellow transparent bg (via 80% PNG) but no hacks applied to get this on IE6 (graceful degradation??!). Address on each page should be a microformat if I did it right. Pages are content first with skip links for menu. Text version of header and "donate" graphics should appear when unstyled (hidden using display:none).

Any comments at all greatfully received.