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After launching a site redesign, which I thought I had checked carefully before it went live, I find some people are complaining they can't see the drop down menus. Two people have spoken with both were using IE version 6.0.2... I have version 7.0 so can't verify if that is the problem (is there a way to find older versions of browsers for site checks?) . It looks fine on Mozilla and Netscape. The site is http://svunet.org/index.htm. The menus drop down from the main navigation "About Us..Membership.. etc" Is anyone not able to see these menus, what browser is giving you the problem, and any idea why it is happening?


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You are right about IE6 -

You are right about IE6 - the drop downs don't appear. The complex table based layout that went out of style a decade ago discourages me from looking further. Perhaps someone less lazy than I will take a look at it.

Even with your transitional doctype, which you shouldn't be using for a new page if this is a new page, you still have an html error. You should fix that because browsers have an excuse for not rendering invalid code correctly. The excuse is that there is no "correct" for invalid html.

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its a Dreamweaver

its a Dreamweaver template... so it sounds like not much work has been bolted onto it so far..

It works (although positioned wrong) in firefox, so i recommend you post somewhere else for help on your dropdown. I see they are list based which is good, however their is no workarounds for ie6 by the looks of it. Look up suckerfish and see if that will help you.