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Let me start by saying i am VERY new to CSS in any form, though i'm quite excited by what i've seen it can do. Hoever i'm having a problem with printing.

I have a webpage currently which is basically a big table generated server side. I wanted to see what i could do with this page so i simply added

@media print {
table { size: landscape; color: red}

Now this DOES change the table text to red, so it DOES work, but for the life of me i cannot get it to print landscape by default. Am i doing something stupid here ? I've had a brief look around the web but theres not much help there, and any decent looking help i HAVE found has been several years old and often claims this feature is not supported in major browsers.

Oh and i should add i'm only trying to make this work on IE6

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Printing Issue

Hi Ally,

As far as I'm aware you can't change the page orientation for printing through CSS, size: landscape; is not a valid CSS property, landscape/ portrait is selected when you choose print on the browser menu. if you wanted a different page layout I think you will need to set it out in the print style sheet.

Hope that's of help,


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