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New to CSS. Temp'ing while being un-employed. Asked to assist in troubleshooting a site which they wanted to be based in CSS. I needed to troubleshot and use their code within a week and wasn't able to finish...again, I had never built a site using CSS but just too a shot.

Anyway, everything smooth in FF and Saf., but when viewed on bosses PC it screws up.

1.) http://development.thehillgroup.com/websites/HGnew/ourWork/collateral.html::::::::
In IE there is a JS conflict with imported .js and encoded js.

2.) Navigation and page shift.


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design consultants?

Let me get this straight "the hill group" are print and media design consultants but are using DW for their website.

I mean there's nothing wrong with DW per-se but clearly all those MM_ are outdated (is this an old copy?) FF warns of deprecated arguments being used.

And let me get this straight this company lists "websites" as one of their design offerings. I agree this page is quite nice in immediate visual impact but it doesn't work and lacks a lot of basic accessibility.

In xhtml attribute values (onMouseOver, etc.) are all lower case. Also href="javascript:;" is a big no-no - you should have a link to alternate content and use an onclick handler (not necessarily inline, in fact preferably not) with "return false;". That way those without JS still get the content. This should get you started http://www.quirksmode.org/js/events_early.html

Really I thought I sucked as a web designer ...

Please explain " Fred started the company with the idea of providing excellent service in the field of conference and event management, graphic design, website development, print communication, and public outreach."

So, he didn't think to like hire a web designer?

Do they do their print design in MS Word? Lol