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Hi all
Am in the process of putting together the following site for a client - http://test.lightbox.ie/Oatfields/
I am still in the early stages but am having a problem in Mozilla which I am sure I have had before but it is wrecking my head as I can't remember what I did last time to fix it.
There is a background image in the div #mcc and a border around it of one pixel but for some reason it won't show up.
Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?
Don't be too harsh on the site - it is very early stages - but I need to get this issue fixed for peace of mind!

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Mozilla Issues - background images.

you will either have to specify a height of your #mcc div (500px) or clear your floats so that the border will extend to enclose them.

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So do it with STYLE

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Mozilla Issues - background images.

Looks like everything is floated inside that div, and so it is not expanding horizontally. try putting this at the very bottom of that div:

<hr style="clear:both;margin:0px;visibility:hidden;">

No garuntees it'll work cross browser though so you'll have to test it Smile

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