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I've implemented a Stu Nichols menu on our site charlottes-saddlery.com
but realized it is inoperative in IE 6 because I've left out the conditionals.
The menu sample came with the conditionals in place within the unordered list
but I have not been able to figure out the "pattern" to transfer to my own menu. If anyone is willing to take a look it would be greatly appreciated.

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Gulfcoast please do not

Gulfcoast please do not double post questions, once is enough, it will get seen by all. I have disabled comments on the duplicate thread.

As for the menu I think that really you need to go back to the example and start again, it's there as a guide for you , I'm not quite sure how you managed to remove the conditionals in the first place, but it's probably not appropriate to ask us to sort it out as it's rather involved and fiddly and would no doubt mean that we had to trot off to compare the guide to your layout ourselves anyway.

In my opinion I find little pleasure in this technique that started out as a theoretical example of how to get by without javascript for IE6/5 but that relies on mal-formed markup. If I were you I would do what most do and either use the small lightweight snippet of javascript or the hover.htc file for IE6, which incidentally is going to become fairly redundant as IE7 replaces it and IE7 works as other modern browsers in respect of hover.


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