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Thank you CleraTreva and Hugo and all of you who helped with some questions that I had doing the css of this site, please check it out.

I still can't validate the website and there are some flaws for example when the dropdown goes under the flash slide show.

the address is:



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Are you looking for any

Are you looking for any feedback on the design itself? Or just the code?

@}->-- Amanda

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The white text with the blue

The white text with the blue and white background is going to cause problems for people.
White on blue is a bad colour mix to start with (for readability) and the squiggly lines in the background do get mixed up with the text a bit. Maybe just fade that background a bit?

As for validating, you've only got 2 errors and they're easily fixed.

1. Error Line 16 column 107: required attribute "ALT" not specified.

...es_logo.jpg" width="800" height="250">
Add the alt attribute as you should with every image (if it's purely decorative the alt="" is fine)

2. Error Line 92 column 10: ID "THIRDCOLUMN" already defined.

3. Info Line 84 column 9: ID "THIRDCOLUMN" first defined here.

If you need more than 1 Thirdcolumn then just use class instead of ID as you are only permitted 1 ID of each name per page

Your font sizes are in px - not accessibility friendly - use ems or % instead.




font-size:large medium;

Bad plan! Different browsers have different defaults for small medium large etc. again, ems or % is the way to go.

on the insurance page
"We accept all insurances plans included: Medicaid and Medicare."
I guess should be
"We accept all insurances plans including: Medicaid and Medicare."

The navigation 'breaks' after just one text upsize - breaks is the wrong word, it wraps but looks bad because of the seperator lines in there.
Maybe remove the seperators and then when it wraps it wont look so bad?

There's something going on in this page There's a random 5pm at the bottom of the main div in IE 6 at 1024 x 768

You've got all the headings in as H1, I think that
would be better suited to a H2 semantically and SEO'dly (new word)

Aside from what's mentioned above, I think you've done a good job.

Fat Freddy

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