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hi i have some problems with a menu made in css
the menu work well but have many space in the
left i check all the code and i cant find where i can change
the position of all the menu (the menu look the same in safari an
firefox and explorer mac) i want to move all the menu to the left.

you can see a example in this url:

and this is the code, you can see there is values in position but actually this
values dont work (i change the numers and the menu dont change)

the code in css style:

/* CSS Document */
#navlist ul
margin-left: -50px;
padding-left: 15px;
white-space: normal;
position:absolute; top:100px; left:5px; width:100px;

#navlist li
display: inline;

#navlist a { padding: 3px 3px; }

#navlist a:link, #navlist a:visited
       font-family: Helvetica, Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif;
       font-weight: bold;
   font-size: 13px;
   color: #000000;
       background-color: #FFFFFF;
       text-decoration: none;

#navlist a:hover
       color: #336666;
       background-color: #FFFFFF;
       text-decoration: none;