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Hey all. Wouldn't mind some feedback on a site I made thanks. Am not much of a designer, usually just do back end stuff, but I've recently taken a bit of an interest in CSS and such.


Also, I realize there is no real content or point to the site; it's just a bit of practice. I would still appreciate any comments or criticism.



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why is the logo in

why is the logo in flash?
make it a jpg, background, h1, with text replacement... would make more sense to me

and instead of using javascript for the nav, use css just make the dot part of the a:hover's background and you're golden.

and if you actually created that (n)emo, good job.

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Why did you use an extra "li" for the separator "|"? You might use css instead (border-right or something).
The JavaScript in the main menue makes trouble (arranging elements) if css is completely disabled.

And, by the way, shall the submenue really be displayed under the content?? That's the way it is while disabling css. Make sure to use a logical order in your content.

Just to think about... Smile

Greetings from Balu