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Okay, so I managed to debug and figure out the other problem I was having, but this one has me stumped.

I have the page at: http://www.oaksclass.com/index2.html
It links to an external CSS file at http://www.oaksclass.com/oaksclass.css

The problem is, ALL the files reference that CSS.
2/3 of the pages work. 1/3 have this odd error in Mozilla ONLY.

Below are the problem pages:
In the main menu, clicking on schedule, list grades, check grades, madlibs, and links--instead of everything lining up, Mozilla inserts extra space on those pages sending everything out of wack. I can't find any differences in code that would do that, seeing as they use the same CSS code.

Also, click on wish list, then wishes; syllabus then class rules; monthly then any of the months; extra credit and then 1st Six weeks; etc. has the same error.

Again, 2/3 of the pages work.
While some of the non-working pages have more CSS code in the HTML file itself, some don't--so that doesn't seem to be the problem.
On wishes--I even removed the main text. Still has the error.

I can't figure it out.


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CSS problems--in Mozilla only?

I've run into the same sort of problems using unordered lists for my navbars on a few sites, and to the best of my knowledge, the error seems to lie in the HTML more than in the CSS. Mozilla seems to add an extra space for any line breaks in your source code for some reason.... even between list elements. If you run everything you want spaced together onto one line (or break the lines in mid-tag rather than the normal line breaks), it seems to help me...

Hope this works!

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